Here in Michigan it would appear that Winter has finally arrived. It’s odd that it would have taken this long for our first real snow fall. Most natives have been preparing for our first heavy snow for days, now. The supermarkets have had lines to the back of the store. Our apartment complex has put buckets of salt by each door and industrial sized snow shovels at each set of steps. The preparation seems chaotic and rushed. It was all people could talk about for the better half of the last week. But something significant changes from the preparation stage to when it actually happens.

Last night while we were all sleeping, it started. The first snowflake broke through its cloud barrier and started making its way silently to Earth. While it began, I was sleeping, not so soundly in anticipation of the coming snow. There is something I love about the snow. While I had a full day of activities planned for Sunday there was a little piece of my soul that was crying out for snow. And that little piece was causing me to keep a watchful eye on my window any chance I got.

This morning I woke up amidst a steady snowfall; this is what we had all been preparing for in haste. I woke up at 6:00 AM and couldn’t wait to take our dog outside. Our dog loves the snow. I’ve never seen a dog wag his tail at just the sight of snow before. I bundled up in my pjs and as much warm gear as I could reasonably put on and we went outside. There is something so peaceful about standing in a dark field watching the snow come down so hard but not hard at all. After the important part of our potty walk was behind us, we went into a large field and played. I never thought I’d be the person to play in the snow at 6 o’clock AM but I am. The world around us was quiet, dark and sleeping.

In a world where I have scheduled most of my days from the moment I open my eyes until the moment I need to go to bed standing in a field of quiet snow falling all around us is magical. As an adult I think we all forget that moments like that really, truly are magical, where the unrest in our souls is quieted and we are able to experience that moment with every one of our senses.

Snow is such an amazing thing, really. One snowflake alone is not enough to have an impact on us, or even get noticed in most cases but millions of snowflakes together have the power to bring our busy world to a stop. Each one of these snow flakes is an individual. What a crazy thought! There are no two alike.

I think the blanket of white that covers our Earth is a reminder of a clean beginning. It’s as if our Earth gets baptized each Winter. It’s such a coincidence that during the month that we celebrate the birth of our Savior that snow comes as a reminder of the opportunity for us to call on God’s grace.


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