Chapter One: Find a New Hobby

IMAG0871 (1)

This is the first mosaic I’ve done in years, encouraged by my loving fiance. 

This is intended to immediately follow my previous blog post “I Want to Write a Story”.

This evening over our multi layer convenience store chocolate cake my fiance and I tried to brainstorm what “hobby” I could try to pick up. In the past I’ve kept a couple of hobbies and thrown myself into each of them 100%. I did mosaics, I rode and competed with my horse. I enjoy reading and recently I’ve been working a lot more at running.That being said, I can’t run multiple times a day. I can’t read for very long without getting distracted and my horse passed away almost 2 years ago. As for mosaics I recently was encouraged to do one by my fiance. I DID do it (mostly) and I didn’t feel the same enjoyment from it that I did in the past.

Tonight I told Steve that I need a new hobby. He has many hobbies, so he seemed like a good audience for this discussion. He wasted no time going to Reddit and looked up anything that had its own community. He offered everything from archery to scuba diving. I appreciate is enthusiasm for my ability to try something new. We all know I’m not a scuba diver.

What we finally decided on was a writing prompt. Years ago, I received a game where you pull cards out of a choice of decks to give you a writing prompt. Steve has decided that this is a fun way to start something new. Every day he will pick a prompt for me, totally randomly and I will have to write something. No matter the quality, depth or length.

As I write this, to inform you of my new and possibly horrific experiment I am also thinking I may pop into the archery place just blocks from our apartment and see what fun that place holds… To be continued. Hopefully my first “prompt writing” will take place tomorrow on July 8th.

Wish me luck!


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