I Want to Write a Story

Patio PicI want to write a story. I want to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and write something magical. I want to write a story that someone can get lost in and covet, the way that I cherish and love so many stories safely put upon my book shelf. I want to intricately weave the story of many characters together, like the thread of an other worldly fabric, hand dyed, shiny and rich. Each of their individual stories will rivet my readers and keep their attention until the very end. Furthermore, each one of their stories will intertwine into an epic tale of monsters and epic creatures and duels. I want my story to be warm in my readers’ hands as they curl up in their favorite chair with their hot cocoa, coffee or tea beside them on a cool Fall night. I want children to squeal excitedly when they read their first word independently on the pages that I lovingly typed and mapped out for readers just like them. I want my story to be something they curl up and read to their children in the comfort of a dark night in the safety of a blanket fort.

I want to write a story. I want to do fantastic things and see fantastic places. I want to sit down and talk to amazing people over coffee on a small patio cafe table that wiggles slightly if you lean on it. I want to be able to write down what I did that day and be astounded that I fit it all in. I want to feel so overjoyed and inspired by what I’ve seen, whom I’ve spoken with and what I’ve done that my lips cannot form the words for how incredible it was. I want to be able to tell my children this magnificent story that I’ve written for myself about all the things I’ve said and done. I want to tell them this story before bedtime each night while they are small enough to stand at my knee and look up at the woman they’ve only known as”mommy” like I’m a brave heroine in this tale magical tale.

I want to be a character. I want to be a character in someone else’s story. I want to assist someone in their goal, their dream or their daily tasks. I want to bravely help someone take on a challenge. I want to be the person responsible for introducing them to something new and exciting. I want to  be their supporting character, not the lead. I want to write a story. A story to be proud of. A story to nurture and covet. A story to tell over and over again until you can’t tell it anymore and you must leave it in the hands of your now, grown children to start the cycle anew.

I want to write a story.


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