The Quintessential New Year Post



This is the heavenly vegetarian pasta dish that I made last night, with a side of Brussels sprouts, of course!

Welcome 2016. For 365 days we were expecting your arrival. This year brings about a few new changes for me and I welcome them with (mostly) open arms. If we’re being serious here, there aren’t many changes I am full throttle giddy about accepting. But, I’m working on it and my ability to be less rigid when it comes to things that I don’t directly control. Those of you that know me, please stifle your laughter. I know this post is a little late. I am also aware that there are millions of posts, that were posted over the last 8 days that would suggest we are all going to change our ways and take on demons we haven’t quite conquered, eat super foods we have never tried and parent like no parent has ever parented in the existence of life. And those goals are great! You goal setters, 2016 New Year resolutioneers  should be proud and strive to reach your bench marks! Yay you!

This year I take on a new roll as “bride-to-be”. This role change has also curtailed a few of my other “goals” for the year. The dream of the big white dress has become the big white all consuming snowball picking up old habits and building one great big new picture. The irony here is that my dress is not the big and white ball gown that this image depicts. This is just an image that comes to me when I write anything about our future wedding. I know that sounds negative but I don’t feel like it is. Let me outline my goals for you and you’ll see what I mean. Nothing about my wedding’s influence on my new year is a negative. It’s actually one of the more positive New Year’s lists I’ve had. You’ll notice I use goals, instead of resolutions. That’s intentional.

My first goal of 2016 is to be more aware of what I’m putting in my body. Foods, drinks, lotions, cosmetics, all those good things.  We never had a terrible diet or eating habits before, so this shouldn’t be as tough as a lot of people have it. I do believe that there is always room for tweaking. So, in an attempt to “tweak” I have decided to eliminate as much meat from my diet as I can. Let me outline that I live with a carnivore. My fiance will never move his diet over to vegetarianism. And I’m not convinced that it is the healthiest of diets either. I have simply tried to eliminate meat from breakfast and lunch. I have ordered plant based protein for my all fruit smoothies and ground flax seed to go along with it. I have a healthy stash of fresh fruit and veggies in the house and I have been cooking and eating them like a fiend! I am off to a great start this year. I even cooked a vegetarian pasta recipe from the cool cats at Thug Kitchen last night and myself AND future hubs really enjoyed it! Can you say, “#WINNING” ? If you haven’t heard about these cookbooks, look them up! They are so good! The recipes are vegan and delicious! They also provide some really awesome tips about how to do things like make your own veggie broth from scraps you’d throw away otherwise. I have found this MOST useful.

Next goal for 2016 is to make lots of time to get back to the gym. This is something I’ve needed in my life for a while now. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until recently. The only time I have found that works for me to squeeze in a work out during the work week is at 5:30 AM… before work… in the dark of the morning. Yeah, I know, I’m real crazy. I remind myself of that every morning while I’m running on the treadmill with the 10 others as crazy as I am. But that was my only option. Between pre-marital classes and small group, after work appointments and obligations it was my only chance at consistency. No one books my schedule when they think I’m still sleeping. This week I have made it to the gym 4 times at 5:30 AM. Tomorrow will be my mid-morning workout and I’m looking forward to it. The benefit to this goal is that it will help me to achieve the other goals I have set. Also, it won’t hurt to look smokin’ hot in my wedding dress in *checks phone* 636 days. But who’s counting?

My final goal for the year is to develop my faith and put more of my worries in God’s hands. I am a constant worrier. I worry about turning all things that generate heat off, every time I leave the house. I worry about how my dog is acting, if he even looks at me funny. I worry about did my fiance make it to work alright. The list goes on and on people. It’s exhausting. Over the last year I’ve found a home at a local church and the people there have really helped me to realize that I don’t need to worry so much. Worrying does a disservice to God because He’s got this. He has brought me this far, right? I mean I have some bumps and bruises from life but His power has always brought me through the toughest times and allowed me to see the joy and light in the best of times. So this year, I give it to God. Or rather, I’m TRYING to give it to God. No one is perfect. But this is one way I can lighten my load and hopefully enjoy the year in it’s entirety.


Happy New Year, everyone!!




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