The Anti-Bride’s First Breath of Relief


Photo compliments of Roana Acres. This picture comes up on Google for our venue. ❤ 


Ok, today I finally get a minute to reflect on my week, and it’s been a big one. If you’ve been reading anything I’ve written you know a few things about me. You know I’m engaged. I’m desperately in love with my fiance. My adorable dog, that doubles as my best friend runs my life. And that planning a wedding has not been anything I’ve enjoyed, so far. These truths are pretty obvious. Recently we’ve taken a huge step forward. We got engaged August 22nd. Since that moment it has been a struggle to get this wedding up and flying. Every venue we’ve seen has been so extravagantly out of our price range. We have been so overwhelmed. To our credit none of that has caused tempers to flair between us. First reason I know we’re prepared for a life together. We don’t lose it. We just handle it. Together.  Things all changed a bit last Sunday…

About a week and a half ago I saw a friend of mine post pictures in front of this gorgeous barn. The city was tagged but there  was no facility name. So based on the city I did some Googling. Turns out there is this privately owned farm less than an hour from us that rents their facility out for weddings. Well my first thought was that I was going to contact the owners to be given the same price I’ve been seeing in every other barn venue. I was fully anticipating to be handed a quote for between $5,000-$7,000 for just the building. Absolutely nothing else. I expected to have to bow out gracefully, I’ve become quite an expert at that maneuver, you see. But I feel like you have to be, when you’re planning something like a wedding. To my surprise and delight the owner emailed me right back with an itemized list of what the different packages were and what each covered and a few other options should we want something different. After coming home and excitedly showing Steve the pictures and the emails, I jumped on making an appointment to go see the facility.

We were able to get in the following Sunday (about a week later). I must admit, I went in heavy hearted because of my last experiences. I very curmudgeonly sipped my coffee out of my Eastern Michigan University travel mug (I still have student loans for that which is why we’re in a tight spot for our wedding). As we sat in the car Steve talked me down, like that wonderful man usually does.  We went in got a full tour of the facility and I must say, I was SO impressed! The barns are exactly what I was hoping for. We have access to an indoor and outdoor ceremony site (no added charge). We have dressing rooms, rented porta-johns, tables and chairs for reception, rustic wooden bar, extra tables, and the twinkle lights… holy cow. There are so many white lights in the rafters of the barn… It’s perfect. **taking a minute to romanticize**

Now, that being said, we need to cater in food, drink, have insurance and all sorts of things that are a MUST. And that needed to be considered. We came up with an additional list of questions we still wanted answered and emailed them to her that night. Based on her responses we sat and talked and we committed. This Tuesday we are going to sign the paperwork and put down the security deposit on our date. I know we have a lot to do. Like a lot. So much! But, the first step is settled and further more, I’m excited about that little detail. This gives us a place for ceremony and reception, pictures and a date. A lot of the question marks are settled.

This allows me to finally have the wedding that I had always dreamed in a budget that is affordable. I am so excited to be able to share this with my family, doing it exactly the way I have always wanted to. Steve and I are casual people. We love our blue jeans and flip flops (tennis shoes for him) and baseball caps. There is nothing in this world that is LESS us than some stuffy hall with the same old wedding food and decor. This is us.  A barn yard wedding, a reception in the barn hay loft and backyard games in the yard to play when you have to take a break from the Nae Nae.

Although I still consider myself the “anti-bride” I can at least look forward to the atmosphere of the most important day of our lives together. I will be staring at my groom under twinkle lights, in a setting that has meant so much to me growing up and that has shaped me into the woman that I am today. I will say “I do” to the man that only has eyes for me and stares at me lovingly as I ramble about my anxieties as I cook dinner on a daily basis, in yoga pants and a tank top. The man that acts like I’m some kind of miracle to him. The only miracle is that he sees past this flawed exterior and has chosen me for the rest of our lives together. To have a family and create little perfectly wonderful flawed human beings with. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Even if everything else goes wrong.



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