It’s Really About Everybody Else

My little sister's Maid of Honor gift. She was so excited she took a picture. :)

My little sister’s Maid of Honor gift. She was so excited she took a picture. 🙂

There were many ups and downs to this weekend. The holiday weekend was great! We had a fantastic family BBQ. I got to see so many people I love. I got to spend some quality time with my favorite (and only) sister. She’s always a good time, even if we are just laying on my living room floor watching 100 episodes of Cup Cake Wars. If you’ve never watched that show, you’re kind of missing out. To get the unpleasantness out-of-the-way, I’ll address the “downs”. Then I figure, people like to end on a high note, right? We’ll end on a high.

Well, I learned a very important lesson about weddings this weekend: “It’s really about everybody else”. This lesson was only stamped in the concrete of my memory when I went to the family BBQ and talked to my future cousin in-law, also a bride to be and she said the exact same thing. She learned it the hard way as well. Well… this just snuffed out the candle of excitement about this whole wedding thing.

In addition to struggling to schedule appointments with the venues we want to see that fall within our budget, I have my mother looking over my guest list and telling me who I can’t invite to my wedding (of the people I’ve put on the list) to make room for the people I don’t even know, that she feels is necessary to add. This weekend was rough and there will be no meeting in the middle. There are a few things I’m very serious about and one is inviting strangers to my wedding. We are trying to be a budget conscious as possible and the fact is, we can’t afford to invite everyone I’ve ever bumped into at a grocery store! If I could, I would spare no expense and invite everybody, but the harsh reality is we are paying for this ourselves and we do not have that option. I am my father’s daughter. This is an increasing point of tension for us. I do not need a show. I do not need an audience. I do not need to most expensive anything. I am practical. It’s the reason I am so easily meshed with Steve. One of the reasons I am so easy to get along with. One of the many reasons I am the way I am. Simple. One of the reasons we butt heads like it’s our job.

The high points to my wedding: seeing my sister’s face when I asked her to be my Maid of Honor. That was awesome. I don’t regret it. She was so happy and I am so grateful to have her by my side. She’s going to be great. I know it. And also, we got some runners and our ring pillow. Thanks to a close friend we got 20 runners and our pillow used for $60! How can we beat that?!?! It was A STEAL! Also, at the family BBQ Steve and I saw his sister get proposed to! That was cool. I had never seen a real live action proposal! That was really sweet. And now, someone else is in on this crazy ridiculous headache of a thing called “planning a wedding”. I hope she doesn’t hate it as much as I do, for her sake. Also, in a related “wedding” subject, I helped one of my oldest friends make her wedding favors on Monday. We were building s’mores kits. Her wedding is outside, this Saturday. The favors are so cute, you won’t believe it. BUT it was 6 hours of making them and we’re half way done… so there’s that. Basically I’m in a box, built by weddings and one of them is my own and I just can’t get out.

Today we go see our first venue. I must admit, as you wont be surprised, I’m not looking forward to it. I have a feeling it will be out of our price range when it’s all said and done. And honestly, it’s kind of cookie cutter. I wasn’t excited about it from the beginning. If I was a last-minute Lucy I’d have cancelled on her this morning. BUT, I believe in holding my appointments. Call me old-fashioned… I am my own worst enemy.


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