The Most Important Date Night of Our Lives

This weekend Steve and I had his date night. A few months ago we agreed to each host a date night for the other. I did mine first. I cooked this amazing meal from scratch for us. We dressed up. He picked the move we watched, Terminator, shocker. Then we had dessert. The whole night designed by Steve and hosted by me. Well this weekend was the one he chose for his date night for me. He took a day off work so we could spend a whole Saturday together, which never happens. We spent it getting lost in store fronts in downtown Ann Arbor. We had a late lunch at an Irish pub, which he barely ate. I am really Irish, by heritage so I love tiny little hole in the wall Irish pubs. They’re my weakness. We went home and spent a couple of hours with our pooch and Steve napped with my hat over his face for a short bit. We each took our time showering and getting ready and dressed up.

We went to dinner at this swanky martini bar close to home. You know the kind. The one where everything is dimly lit and they play hip music while people twice our age pretend to be comfortable while they eat in overstuffed leather chairs. The place is very nice but it’s a little pretentious for a chick like me to spend a lot of time there. We were lucky enough to get a table so we didn’t have to eat in a precarious position. Three drinks in and half of an appetizer sampler of the finest appetizers down and the only downside was the only other table in the place. It was a whole table full of baby boomers out to drink their week away and cackle at every single one liner one of the overly witty husbands had to throw at them. Once we had paid and were ready we walked across the street to a park that we frequent on our quiet nights together. It’s a beautiful little community park. It has a huge millpond, an enormous playscape made of wood and a gazebo. It’s the kind of park I dream about taking our kids to play while I drink my coffee and sit with the hubs after church on Sundays. There’s a boardwalk that runs the length of it along the water. We walked hand in hand for a while and chatted about all the things that we had done that day and some of the exciting things we have coming up here like weddings, trips, and a few other things. We finally got to a point that was more quiet than the other parts of the bridge and we stood and watched a few ducks swim by. Then Steve pulled away, got down on one knee and popped the biggest question I will ever have to answer. And I think we can all guess what I said:

He did such an amazing job! I'm in love! The truth is I'm in love with or without the diamond.

He did such an amazing job! I’m in love! The truth is I’m in love with or without the diamond.

So now we are newly engaged and we are both surprised to find out just how tiring it really is! We’ve been engaged for 4 days and suddenly everyone is coming over, calling us and scheduling time with us! I mean… I’m spent.. every single day! That’s just the unusual stuff that has taken up time! I still work. And cook dinner and do other things! Well… we’re trying to start things off quietly. We have 14 months and much of what we want is very simple, like us. Clean, simple, practical and just pretty enough.

I will be excited to see how much we can make our wedding like us. It’s funny because I’ve already had certain people and mostly family members cast their opinions on me about attendance, guests and timelines… it’s going to be a long road. I know we’re walking it together and that makes all the difference. So cheers to us! And here’s to the next 14 months growing exponentially more stressful as time carries on!

This was a picture from our day spent together. The last day as boyfriend and girlfriend. <3

This was a picture from our day spent together. The last day as boyfriend and girlfriend. ❤


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