You Can’t Argue Proof

My morning snack and my copilots coffee and water, running this ship!

My morning snack and my co-pilots coffee and water, running this ship!

For some time, now, Boyfriend and I have been trying very diligently to eat more clean foods. If you have been living under a rock, since the get healthy inside and out movement and don’t know what a “clean food” is, it’s something that can best be described as raw. It’s something that isn’t dressed up with anything processed. That should be enough of a briefing. If you’re still in the dark Google it. Ain’t nobody got time to explain something like that.

So, anyway, we’ve been skipping the processed garbage and eating a TON of veggies and basic meats, although we have even scaled back on how much meat we’re consuming. We are trying even harder to back away from so much meat, now that I’ve gotten my Thug Kitchen Cookbook and fallen IN LOVE!! HOLY COW… LOVE!!! Anyway, This has been going on for well over a week, now. It’s been a gradual change in our lifestyle but we’ve been super, extra diligent in it for a week adding strength workouts into our routines. We’ve also started running 3 times a week together before we go to work. Yes… that’s right… we get out of bed before 6:00 AM to run… like crazy people BEFORE our work day. OK, well, all that being said we noticed a big difference last night.

This weekend went a little differently. Saturday Boyfriend brought home a pizza. Typically that’s our “cheat food”. We live right around the corner. We always have a coupon. And we both enjoy it. No further explanation needed.  In a moment of pure weakness, we both over ate. I had 3 pieces when I would have been happy to stick with 2 pieces. Or even one with veggies! But no.. I had to go for 3. The next day I felt a little… off. My stomach was bubbly and I felt sluggish. After church and grocery shopping I had a light lunch. A healthy lunch! I was back on track! Well…Sunday evening we were invited over to my mother’s for a BBQ style dinner. We of course jumped at the invite. I brought my contribution of fresh oven roasted veggies. DELISH! There were key players such as 2 different kinds of pasta salad, hamburgers, cheddar-wursts, cheesy potatoes and for dessert a turtle pie and a cookies and cream cake. At this time I was still feeling really rough. I didn’t think I could eat. But I muscled through it and started feeling better. It was like this BBQ food was soaking up all the evil from the pizza the night before. When we got home we relaxed with the pooch for a couple of hours before bed. We went to bed at our normal time at 10:00. (We’re old… we know.) Then both of us were plagued with insomnia!! We tossed. We turned. We chatted. We stared at the ceiling. We got up. We laid down. We weren’t ill. We were just WIDE AWAKE!

This morning while getting ready in a haze for my Monday workday I tried to pinpoint exactly what happened and why we couldn’t sleep. Did I drink coffee too late in the day? Nope. Did I drink any wine before bed? Nope. What was different? Then, Between putting in my left and right contact lenses it hit me! There were 2 key components to our insomnia last night. 1- We didn’t take our weekly trail hike with Arrow because it was way too hot and humid. We skipped our physical activity. 2- Sugar! There was sugar in almost everything we ate last night! We hardly EVER eat sugar at home. I haven’t bought a bag of sugar yet and we’ve lived here for 5 months! There was sugar in the white enriched buns. There was sugar in the dessert. There was sugar in the dressings on the pasta salads. There was sugar in the white enriched noodles that make up both pasta salads. I had sent my body into a sugar high for the night, totally on accident!

A year ago I would have indulged in all of these foods without even thinking about it! I would have had a cheeseburger AND a cheddar-wurst. I would have had both pasta salads, cheesy potatoes and I wouldn’t have brought fresh roasted veggies. I would have brought something more processed and less healthy out of convenience. The problem goes so much deeper than the fear of gaining unwanted weight. I see how something sneaky like sugar can affect me without even knowing I had eaten it! And all this insomnia was after only one plate! I can’t even imagine if I had had two plates! Yikes!

So we didn’t run this morning, as planned, due to lack of sleep. We’ve decided Tues, Wed, and Friday will be our days this week. But I’m back on track nutritionally and I couldn’t be happier! After last night’s torture I will happily munch on my raw veggies at lunch, if I know I can sleep tonight! I have a high because my refrigerator is stocked to the point of busting with fresh produce of all kinds! Nothing makes me more exciting than cooking something new. This week’s new item: asparagus! And I have 2 meatless meals planned for this week. Tonight is quinoa veggie burgers from Morningstar Farms… LOVE and Thursday is a bomb-ass cauliflower pasta from Thug Kitchen. I am loving this! Here’s to eating healthy, folks!


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