Mad About Me Monday!

Me. Today. Right now.

Me. Today. Right now.

The last two weeks Boyfriend and I have been fighting off a nasty cold. We didn’t do much in the way of physical activity. We have been saying for weeks that we were going to start running again before our work day and eating better… well, a nasty upper respiratory infection can derail even the most motivated of people. So this morning we were going to run, day one week one in our new conquest in going it together. Guess what… it was raining. Of course it was. That only makes sense. Right Michigan? So, OK, no big deal there. Out of our hands. When I finally rolled out of bed I woke with the same dry eyes, sore throat (our apartment is in desperate need of a humidifier), I went into the bathroom and weighed myself, just for the hell of it and I had gained my 3.5 lbs of water weight back over the weekend. Standing there I made the decision not to berate myself. And I am going to embrace it.

Let me explain that thought. I don’t intend to start posting pictures of myself, bikini clad cellulite exposed for all to see holding a banner with a clever hashtag printed on it. I am certainly not to that level, nor do I think I ever will be. I am still going to jump on board the fitness, calorie counting train. That won’t change. I want to see change in the way my clothes fit and the way I feel. I am still going to motivate my significant other to work out with me and eat the healthy food I cook. The biggest thing is that I am not going to let those extra 3.5 pounds sit on my shoulders and weigh me down. Instead I will be content with it on loan to my hips or my belly. Because in a short time, I will be forced to give it back to wherever I found it. In deciding that I am empowering myself and in that one moment, standing in a tank top and boxers on my “Biggest Loser” scale in my tiny bathroom, I smiled at that number.

What I did next was something I haven’t done in weeks. I put on makeup. I styled myself a certain kind of way for my day and instead of falling on my old familiar crutch of coffee I chose tea. By lunch I had selected the work out I was going to do when I got home before cooking dinner. I am making turkey tacos for dinner with low carb shells that my amazing Boyfriend picked up without any complaints. I am going to bulk them up with zucchini and veggies. And I am happy with my image today.

What sparked this? I happened to look at myself in the mirror while washing my hands. For no particular reason. And for this moment, this day I felt my imperfections were ones I could totally live with. My grown out hair color. My freckles. My laugh-snort. My same old grey V-neck t-shirt that I wear at least once a week. But you know what? I’m perfectly mad about myself today. I invite all of you to do the same thing. Look in SOME KIND of reflective surface and find the stuff that isn’t your favorite and MAKE it your favorite, for one reason or the other. Feel free to share it below, if you want. Anything that will solidify your love for yourself. I want to hear about it. Why do you love yourself?


2 thoughts on “Mad About Me Monday!

  1. I love invisalign and that when I wear them my teeth look freakishly shiny. And I too, love my grown out hair with roots down to my ears 🙂 Great post! It is crucial to be confident and positive during a lifestyle change!

    • Thanks for the comment! I love when people interact and can identify with something I’ve written or experienced. You only get one life and body so be confident and make it work for you! Work those roots, girl! 😉

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