Fighting Through the Valleys to Get to the Hill Tops

242CC-Logo_small  God’s challenges have been plenty these last few weeks. We are trying our hardest to get through them with our heads held high and I know we will. My heart finds peace in feeling the presence of God although, I’m totally in the dark about which path he has us on. The synopsis goes like this:

1- Friday July 3rd, Boyfriend’s car caught fire. We had to have the fire department out to extinguish it. Luckily we were pulling back into our complex and had coasted into a parking spot as the engine cut out. So we stood helplessly as the firefighters put out the front of his car.

2- We had a particularly challenging bbq for the holiday in which a slightly smaller number of people showed up than we expected. And adjustments had to be made.

3-We were told the car was totaled and we’ve been waiting for days to find out what the insurance company will give us for the car. Luckily we found out it is just less than $200 shy of the full amount owed on it. That was (kind of) a relief.

4- I had my first eye doctor appointment in years, only to shell out $600 for new glasses. This is not because I have expensive taste. This is because of all the extra added costs of the lenses. I have awful eyesight and I need specialty lenses to be shaved down, the curve removed, and such to fit in any kind of frame the store carries.

5-I have 2 weddings and a baby shower to buy gifts for and I am not sure exactly, I’m going to pull that off, financially. That alone has been a huge blow because these people might as well be family to me. So of course I want to aim for a better gift than burp cloths.

6-My alternator had to be replaced. A $31 oil change ended up costing me $388. Thankfully I had no existing balance on my card and that’s all I have hanging over my head. But still… we’ve all been there.

7- Oh yeah, and I’m sick. Well, kind of, my body is doing everything it can to fight, but I’m coming down with something, despite my immune system’s heroic efforts. Good try body… I appreciate you.

In light of all the stress and upset I was reading my church e-newsletter. I had never noticed before, but each edition comes complete with weekly assigned readings from the bible. I had no idea! I guess I never noticed it before because it is listed in the side panel of the page. I have made an effort to read them 2 days in a row (since I’ve noticed) and I have marked additional readings in my calendar. Since I’ve become an adult, specifically since I’ve found a church, I’ve picked up a new habit. When things get tough in my life, I think, “who can I help?” Maybe not financially, because we’re all a little limited in that respect. BUT, who can I help with donations of clothing (this one I’m doing this week), donations of time and donations of services? I have decided to gather up some of my clothes that fit me… should I say, in a less desirable fashion(?) and donate them to a local Salvation Army. I have the opportunity to pick up a little spare cash watching after my boss’s animals and I have RSVP’ed to an event at my church called “Life Map” which is a class that helps you better understand how you can serve God with your particular talents. I’m excited about it. I am a bit worried that running myself thin that weekend my keep me in my current state of “less than healthy” but I’m hopeful.

I continue to find peace in God’s guidance and I know it is so hard to keep going, keep moving without doubt that we’re being taken care of. But we are. I know we are. I can feel it. I have complete and utter faith that there will be an equal hill-top to each valley.


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