Taking a Moment To Be Thankful

This is my dog's mom. Few photos scream happiness like this one <3

This is my dog’s mom. Few photos scream happiness like this one ❤

I am one of those people that feels like I complain all the time. When, in reality I am voicing my anxieties and THOSE come off as complaints and I have a lot of those. Or maybe I worry too much about if others are internalizing what I’m worrying about as complaints. And if they are indeed thinking that I’m complaining, they must think I’m real negative. And so is the vicious cycle of anxiety. Anyway, I digress; my original purpose in writing today was to be thankful. I have an exceptional amount to be thankful for. In light of many of us moving forward in our lives and being busy and caught up in the every day checklist I thought it was very important to express something that we all feel. I don’t think “thanks” is said enough. And not, “hey thanks for doing that for me” but more like “thanks for being you”. Unprovoked and genuine thanks are not said enough. So here’s my go at it. I challenge you to post something as well.

I am thankful for my family. As much as sometimes they make me absolutely, certifiably insane, I love them. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t had every single one of them by my side or in my cheering section. They have been instrumental building blocks to who I am as a person and they have all left an imprint of their hands and hearts in the wet concrete of my person to be seen for years to come.

I am thankful for my friends. I have a few close, very close friends. You know who you are. I have a close handful of friends that know me like the back of their hands. They have been there to hold me up when my own knees weren’t up for the challenge and they’re there to help me finish bottles of wine when I don’t want to do it alone. The last couple of years have proven a few very difficult and emotionally trying times that I could not have come through without them by my side. They are a stone cold pack of weirdos that I couldn’t be any more proud of. I can only hope I am there for them, like they have been for me.

I am thankful to have a partner that is always encouraging, loving and supporting. I have never felt more powerful than with him by my side. He is strong, loving and compassionate. He supports me mentally and emotionally. He is so encouraging. I don’t know a bigger supporter of “Team Stephanie” than this guy. I don’t know what I could have done to deserve someone like him. I couldn’t be more excited to share my life with someone like him, build a future together and raise a family together.

My job is a constant source of thanks for me. It’s more than a paycheck, although don’t get me wrong, that’s super cool, too. I have made so many life long friends. I work in a creative environment that allows personal growth and creative exploration. I bring my dog to work every day. Because he’s been coming since he was 8 weeks old, he has been taught how to act around people. How to have manners. How to behave and best of all, he isn’t crated for 10 hours a day. I am most thankful for that. If I had not been able to bring him with me, a pup would not have been in the cards for us. He has not just a mom and dad but a whole company of almost 100 people to love him, give him cookies, and offices (and a particular bosses couch) to snooze on.

I am thankful for so much in life, that I know I’m leaving so many things out, but I’m confident those will be listed to The Big Guy later. To keep it short and simple and not to take up too much of anyone else’s time I’ll leave it at that for now. My heart is so beyond full today from the people and the animals in my life and the fulfillment I get from my everyday.



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