Only a Sicko Can Get Peace From Reading “The Shining”

The view from my porch!

The view from my porch!

Alright, hear me out. I ache to read when I don’t have free time. Since I have graduated college over a year ago I think I have read 2 of Shakespeare’s plays and a Young Adult novel, Paper Towns. It’s not that I didn’t want to be drinking in  gulping down every book I thought looked interesting, it’s just that I couldn’t ever find that peaceful place to sit and read. The chaos of living with 2 siblings and a very openly anxious mother always interfered with my quiet space and my attention span. So then we moved. We’ve been in our new place just me, the dog and the boyfriend for a month on Sunday and I finally felt ready to commit to a book. The sheer excitement of seeing all the books I own all on the same shelf again was an adrenaline rush. For years half of them were packed up in a storage unit and some of the more regular ones I referenced, such as cook books or reference books were perched on a temporary smaller book shelf. Then my collection of young adult books I bought for a graduate class I dropped were in a nice vertical Jenga pile beside my bed. Now…. NOW they’re all quietly and happily unpacked and able to breathe on my shelf.

After dinner one night I mentioned to Boyfriend “I would like to pick up a book again, now that I have some of my life back,” his response, “yeah?” That’s a factory response for him. He asked me what one I would read and I told him I was infinitely overwhelmed by choices. So I elected him to pick for me. He wasted no time going into the next room and asking me about titles through the wall. He came back with one of his books, “The Shining”. I don’t often read horror/suspense but I was up for the challenge. So I began the book the very next day. I hadn’t seen the movie, so I had very little point of reference. But the only thing I needed was a seat at my bright yellow bistro table on my patio, with a view of the lake and some flowers to indulge in for company. Table: check, Flowers: check (going to pick a hanging basket up today) and scenic view? Tilt the chair… and… Check.

For a few months I was very worried my love for the written word was waning. But after these last few days have breathed life back into my love of it and I couldn’t be happier reading about a little kid seeing these horrible things and dealing with an alcoholic father. Sick? I know. The irony? I’m listening to “top christian favorites” while I write this.

Another thought, foreshadowing before I wrap this one up is this: this weekend I am going down to OH for my father’s cow show. Yes, my parents are farmers and compete in cow shows. I am going to watch and show a few myself for the first time. I will write on that when I come back. Although I can’t help but feel a bit guilty because I will be missing my church’s Sunday service for the second week in a row. Thankfully they post the messages online so you can watch the message and follow within the series. I still can’t help but feel like I need it. I rejoice in the Sunday message. It’s one of my favorite days of the week. Now if I could only find a good study companion to go along with my bible that would be great. If you know of one, comment below! Thanks!


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