My Account-a-bili-buddy Is Myself… And the Dog

fitness-funny I have reached a point where my pants are again uncomfortable. I am feeling sluggish. I am consuming my weight in coffee. I am resistant to leave my desk chair during the day for company sponsored stretching. My jeans are leaving inseam imprints on my thighs. Along with other discomforts that come with being a bigger version of myself. I have slipped down the road of yoga pants and comfort in life and relationships. It’s a good place, mentally, however it is devastating from a health perspective. I was doing some self reflection this past weekend. When I started dating my current boyfriend I was still a waitress, finishing my degree and I had recently lost the 35 pounds from my last relationship. In laymen terms, I was a total badass!

Now my life has had all of it’s moving counter parts put into a blender bottle and given a good shake. We’ve been looking at houses since December, we finally decided on an apartment, which we move into on April 11th. My horse passed away after a solid week of playing nurse and being too busy to eat. My normal routine has been disrupted because boyfriend is in class so often I have rearranged when I do what and what we do together. And finally, I’ve started attending a life group through my church on Wednesday nights. I’ve had to really find my stride with all of these things. But the time for drowning is over. I haven woken up many mornings in a row feeling awful and craving my yoga pants. This is where I draw the line!

So a girlfriend of mine has been seeing great results from her experience with the 21 Day Fix program. She’s posted progress photos, food photos and work out photos. I was skeptical at first, because the first time I lost all my weight I did nothing but eat old fashioned foods, I worked out every single day, I worked on running, did some strength training and worked on my feet all night. I lost weight by being diligent. I never once counted a single calorie. I ate CONSTANTLY. The weight fell off! Well… fast forward like 3 years later. It’s not that easy anymore.

So now I am back in the land of comfort and yoga pants. I’m sitting next to mama June and the chick that invented the term “atheleisure”. For those of you that don’t know the term, it means “athletic leisure”. Yoga pants being worn for movie night. The term is hilarious and convenient although it is quite a shot to the heart of our culture considering how expensive these clothes are and how obesity is an American epidemic. Anyway, I digress.

So I’ve been waffling back and forth, trying meal prep, trying to squeeze in a work out upstairs in the gym at work. Flushing my system with water. cutting stuff out, etc. Ultimately, nothing has stuck and I haven’t found a work out that has been consistent enough to get results from. It’s my own fault. Who wants to stay after work longer to run on a treadmill? Not me. So after trying and not succeeding to get anything started I realized why nothing that worked before is working for me, now. It’s because I have a totally different life now! My whole routine changed with my job. When my job changed from running around on my feet all day to sitting in a chair my whole body, energy level and sleep schedule was affected. Wow. That’s crazy, right? Who knew one factor would change so much!

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start my journey with the 21 day fix starting on April 14. That day is the first day back to work after moving into our new place. I took off the entire long weekend so I can do as much as I can to unpack and get comfy, even grocery shop! I will order the program on Monday and probably get it the following Monday, so plan wise I’m running a close timeline. Oh, and April 13 is my birthday, which I’m sure will come with some unhealthy food. I’m looking for success here, people. All it takes is a disciplined menu and meal prep and 1 workout every day that is 30 minutes long. I can do that!

With the warmer weather I’m also looking to take on another challenge. Trail Running. I want to run the c25k program in the trails of my local recreation area. I don’t care much for running in front of people’s houses and it’s not easy to run on pavement, it’s boring. I dont want to do it. So, naturally I am going to challenge myself where I feel comfortable: The woods. I grew up in the woods riding my horse and I need another activity to get me out there now that my poor buddy has passed away.

This is where I stand. I am writing down my goals to be held accountable for my commitments. It’s harder than it sounds to commit to a workout or a dietary plan after a hard day at work or to drive those extra 15 minutes past the apartment to get to the trails to run only to drive those 15 minutes back to work out. But I’m confident that I will do these things because I will have the apartment to myself so there will be no reason to rush home. And it will benefit the dog and his energy level, which he already does so well managing. He deserves a summer full of fun like running on the trail with his happy and physically fit owner! So this is where I leave it. I will hopefully blog about about the changes as they happen or the recipes I find. I am looking forward to finally using some of those clean eating recipes I have found on Pinterest and never used. Until then I’m in a holding pattern trying to remember the phrase we learned in church, “Enjoy the wait”.


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