When It Rains It Pours and I Mean Hurricane Katrina Style.

This is what I feel like I was driving....

This is what I feel like I was driving….

Oh boy, today will be a fun post and by fun I mean not fun at all for me. But if it makes at least one person laugh while reading it, I suppose it’s brought joy to one person and that’s important. This weekend has been eventful. To say the least.

Friday night I left work a little later than I had planned but I wasn’t too upset because I love my job and I was caught up doing things that I wanted to get done. Now there are two ways to get home from my work. There’s the more rural drive home that is something like 4 miles longer. I like this one usually because it bypasses the more traveled route which is shorter and more direct but you spend so much time in traffic that it evens out. Lately, though, I’ve been switching it up lately because I don’t mind a slow commute some days, so long as it’s not stressful. Friday… Friday I made the mistake decision to take the more traveled route home. I noticed it slowed down and backed up sooner than usual but I didn’t really invest too much thought into it. I kept talking myself down, thinking about patience and how it doesn’t pay off to be in a hurry. Besides, I didn’t have plans… right? I could sit and listen to the radio peacefully and enjoy my commute… HA! Biggest joke, EVER! NOPE! It took 45 minutes to travel 3 miles… true story. I’m not making this up people. There was some awful accident on the cross street I had to pass through. Now, once I saw a fire truck parked sideways in the street I knew all bets were off. After taking a moment to think a few good thoughts for those involved I pulled a big U-Turn in an overpriced gated community’s driveway and 47 minutes later I was driving back by my work to take the rural drive home in the end, anyway.

Friday night was unremarkable. Although it was an enjoyable evening because my mother and I got to share a pizza and spend some quality time together, which doesn’t happen much these days. We both went to bed fairly early, though because we each had a whole list of things to do on Saturday. Saturday morning rolls around, my mother leaves for her bi-annual shopping trip with my aunts and about an hour later I leave to head to a girlfriend’s get together to learn about the benefits of essential oils. Crate the pup, lock up the house, key in the ignition… car laughs at me. You read that correctly. The car literally was trying to turn over and couldn’t. It was laughing at me. There wasn’t a chance it was driving almost an hour away. I made the appropriate calls, got it towed to our mechanic and waited. Now, I’m not good at being under house arrest. I’m awful at it, in fact, ever seen the big cats at the zoo? Usually one is pacing the fence line and the other is panting in the shade. Yeah, I was a combination of those cats. I cleaned things I didn’t even think needed to be cleaned. I did 2 loads of laundry. I walked the dog. I made cookies. I even answered work email emailed our Realtor (seems completely absurd now). FINALLY my boyfriend came home from work and distracted me from my anxiety. I cooked dinner, he took a final exam and we enjoyed some pup time.

Sunday we woke up early, because I pushed and pushed and pushed, and we went to try out a new church by us. It was a lovely experience! Neither of us belong to a church at the moment, however; he was raised in the Catholic church and I wasn’t raised in a church although I do claim Christianity as my faith. We were both pleasantly surprised and I don’t know about him, but I plan on making this a regular thing. Then we relaxed at home until our puppy class at 2:00 and then we came home. We didn’t do much Sunday and that’s how we both like it.

And now the plot thickens… 

The mechanic had a chance to look at my car this morning. Now, before I tell you the diagnosis let me give you the stats, here. I drive a 2006 Ford Escape with less than 150,000 miles on it. I have dumped $2,000  in repairs into it just in the calendar year of 2014. BUT, it’s better than a car payment, right? Well, that’s what they tell me. So, the mechanic called me to ask if my car had over-heated. Nope. Sure hasn’t. It drove me home on Friday. Sat overnight safely in the driveway. And just refused to comply when I turned the key. He seemed apprehensive and just as sad to give me the news as I was going to be to receive it. The minimum diagnosis was going to cost $1500 to fix and that was them being EXTREMELY hopeful. The more likely diagnosis was that it needed an entirely new engine at $3500… Excuse me while I choke on my coffee and lose consciousness. I will call you back when my heart finds its way back to my chest from my stomach.

They tell me “when it rains it pours” and I’m having a hard time understanding the applicability of this saying with the actual weather that it embodies. It doesn’t ALWAYS pour. There are days where it’s just a very light mist or light sprinkle, if you will. Why does it always have to pour? Especially when it comes to things in our lives and not just the weather? I was finally seeing some improvement in my accounts. I was starting to feel like I had this down! I have a full-time job with reliable pay. But, it apparently doesn’t matter to the rust bucket of a vehicle I own. Now what? Now Do I still carry on with my house hunting? Is that wise? I mean, I am going to try to buy a car off of a family member but it’s another Ford. Soooo I guess we’ll see, but if it gets me another couple of years than that’s great. But now here’s the thing… Car insurance and car payment. I am already doing everything shy of selling my plasma and all expendable organs to move out of my mother’s house and get a start (again) on my own. What else is left? Where do I go? This week’s service was about “hope” and having hope even when you think you don’t. The main thing said was “enjoy the wait”. I am REALLY REALLY TRYING. But I don’t know what part of this is enjoyable…


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