A Little Celebration is Still Cause to Celebrate

Arrow in his new digs with his orthopedic bed and his enormous femur bone.

Arrow in his new digs with his orthopedic bed and his enormous femur bone.

I am sitting here feeling remorse for being probably one of the most inconsistent bloggers of ALL TIME EVER… But, alas, I have just under an hour to wrap up my day and that allows me a bit of time to scribble an update rampantly. A large part of my update is about the Arrow pup.

First, he received an upgrade to his area at work that I believe he’s quite thrilled about. Previously as a small pup he had a crate that was tucked under the far side of my desk. My job requires me to run errands occasionally and I do not have a door or an office (I’m the front desk). You can imagine how awesome this is for a dog. He’s the first face most people see when they walk in the door. BUT… and I do mean a BIG, giant, but, when I run errands I can’t leave this little trouble maker to his own devices. He’s a thief and steals things that are no good for him, like Expo markers, tissues, paper towel and pen caps. So, I was able to gather 2 baby gates to keep him behind my desk when I’m not there. Although this is a lot smaller than a big room and he’s still not thrilled about being limited in his plundering of the office, it’s much, much better than a baby crate that he seemed to grow out of over night. So that was the biggest sigh of relief for this doggie mom.

Second, Arrow started Intermediate puppy class. This last Sunday was his 2nd week. We are finding challenges and successes as with any puppy class. We find he is very good, so so so good at “come when called with distractions”. Although he really needs to work on his leash manners now that he is 60 pounds. He pulls us much easier now toward his given target, be it a small playmate, a squirrel, a pile of poop to smell… *insert eye roll here* Anyway, life is about celebrating the small things, right? I like to think so. Small victories are still victories.

Also, boyfriend and I have made the decision to start looking for houses and apartments in the area. The tough part here is this: Neither one of us want to be in Michigan any longer, but I am in love with my job and my company and I believe in everything they do. He is finishing school and working at a job that he has a neutral standpoint on. It would be a shame to uproot himself so close to finishing his degree. We’ve both lived in apartments in the past and we’ve both decided that is not what we want. We are ready to settle down and get a house together, invest in our future and take a more permanent step together. That being said, I have an appointment with a Realtor next Tuesday afternoon. THIS IS BIG STUFF PEOPLE!!! I don’t know what I’m more afraid of, the mortgage agent telling me we can’t afford a dime or that we CAN afford something reasonable for a starter home. Here’s the thing, The market in the state is only going up and if we wait any longer than we’ve already waited we’re going to be hosed. Any first timer advice anyone has to offer? I would love to hear it. Seriously, comment. Do it. Please. I’m actually begging.

Finally, in an effort to keep our spirits up and discuss possibly exciting new things we were talking about how our lifestyle will change when we share a place. Both of us LOVE eating healthy, fresh food. And that’s something neither of us get very often living at home sharing fridges with retired parents and 12-year-old boys. SO, we have been dreaming about things like Chia seeds, PB2, Fresh produce and such. Is that sick? Because I think I’m the person that would be an INSANE  I mean, devoted, a devoted healthy eater if I had my own fridge. So anyway, looking online for some of these things I was so shocked that so much of this is available online. I actually “annoyed” my little sister by oohing and ahhing at Amazon “organics” last night. So if this is any indication of what our life together would consist of, I’m pretty stoked. Even the man in my life is behind it. So I suppose there won’t be much to post about until early next week.

But for real, please leave your experiences, advice or tips for this whole beginning of process thing for home ownership. This newb would gladly accept it.


2 thoughts on “A Little Celebration is Still Cause to Celebrate

  1. The market is very different from when we bought our first home (2005) but my advice is to not be afraid of a fixer-upper. Sweat-equity pays off so much when it comes time to sell. But be smart about your improvements. Kitchens and baths are key. Don’t over-improve for the market and/or neighborhood. I know, not the most original advice but I found it all to be true. Good luck!

    • That’s what my boyfriend and I are aiming for. We both love projects and we both enjoy putting our touch on things. We agree that we eventually want to start a family in the house we end up in. So it’s important to make a house a home. Thanks for your advice! I appreciate it!

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