You May Laugh Or You May Cry. Depends On Where You Stand

If any of you have been reading my thoughts turned text, first off: THANK YOU. Secondly you’re aware I am pretty inconsistent in my publications. I typically don’t like to bother writing if nothing noteworthy has happened. So this weekend there have been 2 main events. One pup related and one simply related to the decaying of the human race.

The pup related happening is something that most dog owners can sympathize with. Arrow. Eats. EVERYTHING! I don’t mean he has a large appetite. I mean, he eats sticks, cardboard, acorns and other animals’ poop. Just to name a few of his favorite snacks. About 2 weeks ago we were in the yard playing off leash, running off some of our spare energy. When something caught Arrow’s attention. In one of my many spin-move maneuvers that I’m sure are going to catch him off guard, Arrow deviated from his usual figure eight crazy dog running path to run right over to an ill-formed pile of what we suspect was raccoon poop. By the time I was within arm’s reach… it was gone. Down the gullet. Fast forward a few days and he’s coughing and having terrible diarrhea. We bring a fecal to the vet, schedule an appointment and low and behold Arrow had picked up not only roundworms  but he also had picked up tonsillitis. Did you know dog’s even had tonsils? The vet said it could all be traced back to the poop. We are halfway through our de-worming treatment and we finished our antibiotics and last night we were playing in the yard again. This time… he found cat poop. What did he do with it, you may ask? Oh, I’ll give you one guess. Now, to his credit, this poop was much better formed and leaves me less riddled with nightmares of vet bills, although we had to brush his teeth because he had litter box breath for the rest of the evening and his own nasty bowel movement in the yard causing him to skip dinner. But he didn’t seem too bothered by it, due to the fact that he had a before dinner snack. So now, that’s what we’re dealing with. My dog, the amazing wonder that eats anything he can get his nose near that isn’t intended for food.  This could only turn out to be fabulous for me, right?

On to the next order of business. The general decay of the human race. Last week it was brought to my attention that communication is not what it used to be. I straddle this fence because I am a literature major. I have a devout love for the art of words. I am also an introvert. I prefer, most days, to limit my communication with others to as minimal an amount as humanly possible. A friend of mine at work posted on Facebook about how there is a new trend in social media, Twitter mainly. People are using the word “firstable” instead of  the phrase “first of all”. This is like nails on a chalkboard to anyone that has spent even a semester in composition 1 at any institution of education. It’s as bad as people confusing “I could care less” with “I couldn’t care less”. Why must we raise a generation of idiots? There are certain things that could be argued from a linguistic standpoint such as “aks” instead of “ask” being a dialect instead of being written off as incorrect. I am not going to fight for these people either. Scholars of the English language have both a right and left-wing. There are the conservatives, such as myself that follow Standard American English and then the liberals that support and enthusiastically study dialectal changes such as AAVE (African-American Vernacular English). I don’t entertain such liberal ideas when it comes to something I’ve been taught is a hard lined correct or incorrect.

Some people within this field blame all the technology for the decay of our communication skills. Other’s blame the school systems. I think that it’s a combination of both. The way I was raised to write and speak in a formal fashion when addressing certain people versus when I am informally chatting with my peers is how I will always see things. It’s ironic that I am so hard-nosed about the written and spoken word and I work for a liberal video game and software company. I am very liberal-minded in most things… except for this one. There is right and there is wrong, even on social media sites. People, if anything at all, have dignity and respect for the education you did receive, proof read, revise and spell check. Mainly, my point is here, do your best not to sound like a flaming idiot.


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