I Am One Tough Mudder!

The Tough Mudder logo says it all.

The Tough Mudder logo says it all.

Where do I even begin…? This weekend was insane. I took a long weekend from work, not to travel, not to relax, but to compete in Tough Mudder. Yep. I did that. A 12 mile obstacle course (on foot) with 20 something obstacles. Now, here’s the skinny. My boyfriend, the amazing man he his did this with a group of friends and family last year. I stayed home and made a huge meal for the athletes to come home to. Everyone came home covered in mud and barely able to walk. They were scraped up, bumped and bruised but amped with adrenaline. Everyone had high hopes for next year and almost the whole team pre-registered in the following weeks.

Fast forward a couple of months and boyfriend asked me to participate. No. Hold on. Not just participate but be by his side. He appealed to my emotions and of course I conceded. At the time, however; I was working as a waitress. I had all the time in the world to work out and I was doing really good at it. Now, the thing about registering for something 9 months in advance is that you tend to forget you did it. So add a few months, a new job, and a few pounds to this equation and it’s now the weekend of Tough Mudder.

Our start time was 10:00 a.m. We got through the registration process late, so we actually started at 11:20. We live in Michigan. That being said the locals here know, “if you don’t like the weather here, wait 5 minutes” #PureMichigan. We all showed up in capris, shorts, tank tops and t-shirts. Michigan had other plans. It was freezing cold. Well, it was actually in the low 60’s but when it’s cloudy all day and windy and oh yea, rainy it feels like 40 degrees! Because most of the obstacles had us in chest high mud we were soaked to the bone. I even skipped the straight water obstacles because of the weather. The hardest part was doing the 12 miles on foot. That made me feel like a badass.

After we actually finished the course (5 hours later) we all made it shivering back to the car and got home, took the hottest showers we could ever remember taking and went and got food. I took off Monday and Tuesday in preparation to be dead from such physical activity. I was actually able to take the dog for a 2 mile walk with little stiffness! And Tuesday was the same thing! So there were pros and cons to this weekend’s experience and they’re laid out in an easily read fashion:


I proved to myself that I can do it!

I had a good time with a quality group of people!

I am now motivated to move forward in pursuing and 5k this Fall with boyfriend.


My folliculitis has returned.

My knee hasn’t stopped hurting all day.

I used 2 PTO days for work.

Grand Analysis:

Totally worth it! 


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