This Weekend’s Not So Subtle Reminder That I Am Once Again a Spinster.


Generally how I feel about weddings.

Generally how I feel about weddings.

It’s Monday. I find myself often writing on Mondays because there isn’t much to do at work on Monday’s. I also like to reflect on my weekend, as I usually am wistfully nostalgic of the last 2 days of freedom. This weekend, however, is the opposite. I am relieved to be back at work. I am relieved to be working on to things that keep me busy and keep me moving forward.

You see, this weekend was the joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party to a couple that are good friends of mine. Sounds fun, right? Should be. And to most people, it is. I dread them. The 3 closest girlfriends I have are all getting married, 2 this year, one (I assume) next year. There is no date set yet. The problem I have is this: I was supposed to be right there with them. Years ago, I was headed in that direction, I was taking all the right steps (with the wrong person). When I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” marathons and dreaming of my big day all of my friends were barely entertaining the idea as anything more than a possible ending to their story.  Then, that got taken away from me and I was alone in the world for a bit. I found my current boyfriend and we talk about being married and having a family almost daily. But, here I am, 26, living at home (certainly not ideal). All of my friends, or at least 3 of the 4 closest friends I have are getting married, giggling about their dresses, fiance and table center pieces. It’s not just them, everyone around me is getting married. I’m overwhelmed in a Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids sort of way. Just this year: my father (round 2) my uncle (round 2), my 3 amigos, Weddings. Everywhere I look. Best part of this whole melt down is yet to come.

I am also learning that other people’s weddings take up time and money. I can’t even tell you how much money I will have spent by the end of this summer! This weekend, was an all weekend affair. There are 3 weekends attached to one of the weddings I am going to, as I am the MOH. Also, not an easy task. This adds to the cost, as well. I mean, if I am spending this kind of time and money on other people’s wedding, I can’t afford what I imagine my own wedding will cost. *Insert Panic Attack Here*

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am happy for each of them, but I am totally soured on the experience. I used to watch all of those wedding shows on TLC like it was my day job! Now I can barely watch them without getting snarky and critical. I am seeing weddings for what they really are. They are a 3 ring circus that costs a ton of money, brings out the worst in people and that people don’t respect for what they once stood for. In a fit of anxiety I asked my boyfriend about the possibility of elopement, he said there was no possibility. If he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it “right”. Whatever that means.

So, basically after being in a cloud of anxiety and sadness Friday and Saturday, Sunday was puppy class attempt #2. I had a few errands to run Sunday morning. I had to get a few more dog toys to replaced the ones that were sacrificed (may hedgehog, wiener dog and sock monkey RIP) but I had to stop at the beauty supply store to get rollers for my uncle’s wedding next weekend. Yep, another one. I needed help finding the right size so I explained that they were “for a wedding I had to go to next weekend” and as I was checking out the woman who had helped me says “Thank you, and congratulations on your wedding!” No joke. I could not make this up. I wasted no time correcting her and walking out. Thank God I had a huge Dunkin Donuts coffee in the car as my recover drink. It was like being shot with a bullet. Now, that afternoon was puppy class. This was the first class I’ve been to through Petsmart.  The previous dog training class was awful so I left after one session. This one, I was hopeful, as the instructor has met Arrow previously many times in his puppy play hour we’ve been to. This time Boyfriend came with me and we tackled it together. Arrow was so good, of course. The majority of the class was discussion on what we’ll learn and training aides and how to discourage your dog from bad behavior. It helps that one of his “play time” buddies is in there too. It was a good way to end the weekend. Even though I had a sour taste in my mouth of resentment, anger and anxiety, pup class was good. To put it lightly.

Share your experiences with weddings, guys! Lets have some discussion.


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