Party Pooper Puppy… Literally!


Stretched out on Monday morning at the office

Stretched out on Monday morning at the office

Well, there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about on the pup front, however, I suppose in the same breath I could say that this was indeed the most lively of my weekends as a new puppy mom. Arrow and I have had the last week off, in celebration of July 4th.  I made sure to do as much as I could with him so that he knew we were on vacation. We did something fun every single day. We went on walks, we went to the park, we went to visit my grandma, all the stuff he loves to do. This is what got us into trouble.

On Wednesday in an attempt to keep my lab puppy busy and happy, we took him kayaking. We spent a couple of hours at the beach we paddled out in the kayaks, we swam back loaded him up and went home. We succeeded in tiring out our little guy. Then, the next day he had a play date with his new girlfriend a pitbull mix. They got along pretty well, once the initial dominance was out of the way. The issue here, was that he was fed a very large quantity of the other dog’s food, unknown to me. He had already had his full day’s worth of food and then on top of that a brand new food of epic proportions.

Come Friday morning the diarrhea started. I have never felt so badly for a little guy as I did for Arrow when he was fully squatted with all of his little back-end muscles twitching, I could tell he was miserable. I called the emergency vet (because my family vet was closed for the holiday weekend) and they suggested feeding a bland diet. My dog already has tummy troubles and you recommend switching his diet entirely? Seem’s risky to me. So I watched him for any attitude changes or signs that he was feeling really ill, but nothing happened. He ate normally, he drank normally. He even played with the cat like normal. So, we watched. His average, over the weekend was 4x a night. He would wake up about every 2 hours, have to rush outside and poop his poor little brains out. I couldn’t wait until Monday, I finally called MY vet 4 minutes after they opened on Monday morning. I sat at my desk and reasoned, watching the clock. “I can’t wait much longer, they opened at 8”. Right Steph, because 3 minutes looks too desperate, and 10 minutes shows I don’t care. Insert eye roll at myself, now. They suggested what I already knew, bringing in a fecal that night. Now we wait…. It was an epic waiting game. The poor little pup who couldn’t stop pooping had suddenly put a cork in it until Monday night after the office was closed and we were home. Monday was another rough night… We didn’t get any sleep. My amazing boyfriend woke up with him all night, but I still woke up and made sure things went smoothly. We finally got his fecal sample to the clinic first thing in the morning and that afternoon they called me. The parasite check was negative (good) but there was a high number of bacteria in his gut and he had 2 scripts to pick up. YUCK! On our way home we stopped and got his meds, he’s been devouring them ever since in globs of peanut butter happily every 12 hours.

That was my dose of motherhood for the weekend. Up every two hours, in the yard, with my cell phone, holding it up to pudding poops to examine them at all hours of the night… My neighbors probably thought our dog ate some priceless family jewel. Why else would a sane woman be doing that in her boxers and tank top in the back yard of a subdivision home?


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