Our First Puppy Play Date

Alright, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted.  My explanation is that weekends have been very mediocre for the pup and I and beyond our normal walks and everyday happenings there hasn’t been much to report. Last week we had been signed up at our local Petsmart for a puppy play time but due to lack of pup sign ups it was cancelled. If anyone with a puppy hasn’t done it, let me help you right now… DO IT! It is a great experience for you and your puppy. It’s only $10. It takes one hour. There were 2 other puppies at our session. Arrow, is now 17 weeks old, the others were 14 wks and 12 wks. Its an hour of allowing the pups to play off leash while an instructor talks to the owners about good play vs bad play. The best part? Arrow went home tired! AWESOME! I KNOW!

So yesterday, Arrow (and boyfriend and I) learned that during puppy play Arrow “play mounts” and that’s OK because it establishes his dominance. That was great because until yesterday afternoon I had gone around calling Arrow “perv” under my breath because I knew he mounted any other dog he could get his slimy little paws around. The trainer also talked to us about the classes Petsmart offers. Now, I was very displeased by the puppy class we tried a couple of weeks ago. The instructors reinforced the behavior with people food and only made my normally indifferent-to-food-pup a food crazed psychopath! So, I was interested to hear what she had to say. The classes sound a little more structured and lot more positive than the one we tried a couple of weeks ago. So Boyfriend and I figured, well, if anything we should try it. It can only help Arrow to be a well rounded adult in as many different settings as we can expose him to.

This is our upcoming weekend. It’s low key but it’s going to be great. Saturday my little ( by then) 18wk old puppy will get his last puppy shot! Then, we will have a good, long trail hike to tire him out. Sunday we are signed up for ANOTHER puppy play time and we will then enroll in our puppy class, beginning July 13th on Sundays for 6 weeks. I am so thrilled! The puppy play time must have done the trick for the little silver guy because while I sit here at the office writing this he is currently ZONKED out on the waiting room chair outside of our conference room. He has slept all morning. We need many more of these play dates.




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