Look Into His Eyes (Insert Minor Heart Attack)


This is after we came back inside and the pic is a bit blurry. Trust me, it was WAY worse to start!

This is after we came back inside and the pic is a bit blurry. Trust me, it was WAY worse to start!

Ok, so I know I JUST wrote a blog updating our weekend’s events yesterday, however something rather noteworthy happened last night. I got to to boyfriend’s house after work like normal to find Arrow snoozing by the front door. He jumped up and greeted me as anyone would expect. All was normal. We were standing in the kitchen preparing dinner, I was drinking my first  second glass of wine (it was a long Monday) when Arrow came sauntering into the kitchen about 10 minutes later. He walked in and looked up and me, like he was thinking “hey mom, just checkin on you guys, you’re being pretty quiet” when I realized one of his eyes was extremely dilated and the other was really constricted. I froze.

The first thing I thought was Seizure. Then my mind traveled down a more morbid path and thought Stroke. Either way, we agreed to call the emergency vet because it was after hours for our family vet. The tech advised us that if he was acting normal with normal coordination than we could wait until morning when he could get in to our family vet. This didn’t squash ANY of my worry. Not even one ant of worry in an entire ant hill of worry ants! After consulting my mother in law, whose had dogs all of her life she suggested that maybe a short walk wouldn’t be a bad way to judge his behavior. So out we went, a happy family: boyfriend, Arrow, me and my anxiety. Arrow seemed totally unbothered, chasing robins, pulling and sometimes even trotting ahead of us lame two-legged humans. We’re always slowing him down. We got home and the transition from outside to in seemed to help regulate his pupils but one was still lagging behind the other. Improvement, sure. Not enough for his mama, though. All night I kept grabbing his nose to stare into his eyes and see if there was anything more wrong than before. Eventually his pupils went back to normal.  This didn’t help my sleeping habit for the night. I had the most awful nightmare. I had the nightmare (paralleling my fears of Arrow’s health) that Arrow was very quickly changing from a healthy dog to one of those awful looking sad charity case dogs with mange and skin disorders that have been beaten and starved that those commercials use to make you feel guilty for buying your cup of coffee instead of using the funds to donate. Thanks for that by the way, Sarah, because I am both a coffee addict and a HUGE animal lover. You’ve put me in a real tough spot. Real tough. And in my dream I couldn’t stop it!! Talk about nightmare!

Que more drama. Boyfriend woke up with a splitting migraine and paced the house for 2 hours. I couldn’t sleep because now I was worried about not one but BOTH of my boys. When I woke up for work this morning, I checked both of my guys, both seemed groggy by ok. Boyfriend called our vet as soon as they opened for consult. I had left Arrow home with him in the morning in case the Doc wanted to see him. She assured us though, that if things were back to normal that it was probably a fluke and her advice was to watch him closely. If it happens again, bring him in while it is happening for an exam. Upon internet research (boyfriend is really very brilliant in the art of internet manipulation) he discovered a vet had posted about a ciliary spasm. Has anyone heard of this? The vet said it normally lasts up to 24 hours and normally things return to normal fairly quickly.  As I write this Arrow is snoring sleeping on my lap that he now BARELY fits in. I am still on the edge of worry because he is my world, my little guy and my companion in training. I have faith that he will be ok and I HOPE it was just a strange fluke. Tonight though, tonight I have a date. A date with a glass of wine, a big bed and a snuggly puppy.


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