It’s Like I’m Walking A Unicorn

Just snoozing after his afternoon walk.

Just snoozing after his afternoon walk.

This weekend was a particularly eventful weekend for all of us (boyfriend, Arrow and myself). Friday was a night of Chinese food from our favorite take out place and The Wolverine on rental. That was our only leisure time. That being said we were both asleep by 10:30. Short lived, I know. Saturday was the fun part.

Saturday morning we woke up really early and went to the vet for another puppy shot and a microchip. Of course, my maternal hormones were surging when we left because I wanted to make him forget he even had to get a microchip. So, naturally we made a trip to the local pet store. This was the first time we have been there that Arrow was awake for. The other 2 times he was tired out from his weekly hike in the horse trails. So he had a BLAST! For the first time he was able (and encouraged) to pick out his own toy. He picked a bright pink flamingo skin with squeakers. Good choice, I thought. We were stopped every 15 feet by people asking about him, what he breed was and if they could pet him. Not out of the ordinary. But we were at a pet store. So, I didn’t think so much of it. He enjoys it, he’s well behaved I invite people to stop and pet, touch, talk to him. Our (boyfriend and me)  long term plan is to turn Arrow into a therapy dog. His dad is an incredible dog and I can already tell Arrow has his temperament.

My next move was to suggest that we spend some time at the local park. Given we live in Michigan and the weather is always a gamble, I wanted to take advantage of a gorgeous sunny day. I was not aware that there was a farmers market. Challenge accepted. I thought “Everyone brings their dogs, people won’t even notice him. Besides, he needs the socialization”. Well, I was wrong. It was true that there WERE other dogs, but apparently he was the only one that mattered. He was a gentleman (of course) but we couldn’t move more than a couple steps before another face made a bee-line for us from a vendor’s booth. Everyone was friendly, how could they not be? This was the problem, “OH! I just LOVE Weimaraners! How old is he?” Well, anyone who owns a silver lab knows… this is the trigger button. So of course, I have to correct them as nicely as possible with something like, “He’s 12 weeks and he’s a silver lab” I was unaware of how many people hadn’t heard of silver labs until we were bombarded at the street fair. I suppose had my family not bred and had them I wouldn’t have known or cared much about them either. My thoughts on Saturday were that we were rockstars for the breed because not only did he shine like a nickel in the sun but he behaved like a prince. He got some good puppy points! Everywhere we went, people asked us about the breed, if their bred with Weimaraners, if their labs, their actual coloring, info on the litter, etc. It’s kind of a neat feeling to know that we can be a positive embassador for a breed that can get flack for being a “designer breed” or “mutt” when it is a pure lab. I don’t like the term “mutt” it sounds negative and I’ve had mixed breed dogs and love them more than most pure breeds. Just saying.

We ended our Saturday with a play date with 2 lively Golden Retrievers and a good night’s sleep. Sunday started off strong. After breakfast Arrow went on his first jog. I am trying very hard to become a runner jogger. or even someone who gaits between a walk and jog. This being said, Arrow came with on my half mile loop after breakfast. He did better than I thought and kept up with me (not hard to do). The rest of the day, after a short stint in his crate (I was grocery shopping) we spent doing yard work. You see, I call Arrow Ferdinand, as in Ferdinand the bull. He earned that name when he made a habit of walking to the end of his leash, sitting down to eat dandelion heads and look up at the birds in the trees. So for him to be ground tied was the best day ever. He was in the shade, with his toys and a big colorful beach towel. Boyfriend pointed out that he would fit right in at the beach, as he stretched out with his legs behind him and fell asleep. All in All, Arrow had a great weekend. With Memorial day right around the corner and all of his favorite people having long weekends, he’s in store for another. Right now, we are both content to start the work week knowing we spent all weekend doing fun and new things. He’s already right back to greeting his favorite people at the office door.


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