The Journey Home

ArrowatofficeGetting Arrow has been one of the craziest things I’ve done… Ever. I didn’t ask permission. My boyfriend and I drove hundreds of miles to my dad’s house in North Carolina to pick him out when he was just 1 week and 1 day old. Then, we also planned another trip (with hidden motives) back to North Carolina exactly 7 weeks later. I don’t do these kinds of things. WE as a couple, don’t do these kinds of things. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Both of us had doubts, picking out a puppy whose eyes and ears weren’t even opened. We knew we wanted a boy because of my fondness for the father of the litter. That’s it. A boy. We drove 12 hours to see a boy. After spending about an hour and a half in the sun with them we picked the one that fell asleep on my chest, who wasn’t too slobbery, who didn’t make the most noise and who had a little white spot on his chest. We fell hook, line & sinker for this little featureless critter. We drove back to Michigan that weekend so excited and so full of anticipation. Who would he be? What parent would he take after? How would my mom handle sharing her house with a new guest? Guess we’d find out.

Fast forward 7 weeks and it was time to make the long journey again. So, we packed up, this time with a few dog toys, leash and crate and headed for the open road. We got to where we were going and the first thing we were greeted by was the mom and dad pups enthusiastically wagging… everything wagging. We tried not to act too excited to see our little guy but we couldn’t hide it. We get to the puppy pen and we see him. He was this little hot mess in a bigger cluster of silver fur. We spent the weekend trying to play with him, follow him around, lay in the sun with him and get him used to us. After just a day and a half it was time to bring Arrow home. We decided on “Orion’s Silver Arrow” or Arrow for short as his name. It suites his “see something-go for it” nature. We loaded him up in the car in his crate and after about 15 minutes of whining he settled in for the long ride.

My heart was so conflicted. It broke for him being taken away from somewhere I consider home, from his mom and his dad and his siblings but I was excited to bring him home with me and give him all the love he could ever need. Boyfriend and I had decided to stop every 2-3 hours to give Arrow his breaks and stretch our legs, as we were driving through the night to make it easier on him. After the first rest stop we decided to try to keep him on my lap snuggled in a blanket… I was prepared to be used as a human puppy pad. To my (delighted) surprise he had no accidents! We continued to stop every 2-3 hours and he slept the rest of the 12 hour drive home. We were elated!

We got him home and he acted as any new puppy would. He didn’t know what to think. He didn’t seem interested in playing, he didn’t want to eat, he didn’t want to do anything but snuggle and sleep. Being as we were up all night both of us took turns showering and then promptly snuggled up. In Steve’s case, he snuggled on the floor… the kitchen floor. We were that desperate. We had a lot of preparation to do. We had a crate to set up, food to get, toys to break in and not to mention a mother to butter up. You see, I should mention I live at home currently and my mom didn’t know I was bringing home a pup. So we had conspired to get her favorite food for dinner, I had typed up a contract and even bought a bow-tie for little man to wear. I had thought of it all. Following a tight timeline we waited by the door, Arrow in hand and said our family’s catch phrase for anything adorable “LITTLE FACE!” … She fell. She fell for him just like we did. He’s been home ever since.

I Should probably also mention that my job is dog friendly. So I am lucky enough to bring Arrow to work with me. He isn’t locked in his crate all day alone. He is a valued and loved member of my office, even at only 12 weeks old. He comes to work with me everyday and greets UPS delivery men, every person who works on his floor and the occasional other dog that visits. He knows who will give him ice cubes and who will bend down to play with him and give him belly rubs.

So this is where we are. We have a crate trained puppy that goes to work and has a full time job. He will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and he has a full time job. He is being groomed to be a therapy dog of some nature, but I’m not entirely sure when that should be pursued. Until then he is just being a puppy, playing and visiting and starting small. His daily adventures will be chronicled here from my view, unless it’s really exciting, then it might be from his.


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