Monday Night

My life has settled down a little, at least for now, allowing me to have some routine “me time” again. This allows me to focus on my personal goals… once more, that is. My plan of action is as follows:

1-Go to the gym after work Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Weekends are flex time. I feel extra accomplished if I make it on Sat or Sun morning. If I don’t however, I don’t beat myself up, I just try to supplement my morning with something physical, such as a walk/run, kayaking, hiking, etc.

2-Drink a TON more water. My weaknesses are wine and coffee. Both dehydrators. I need to learn to balance out my weaknesses.

These goals are attainable. And I know it. So, my Monday night was dedicated to them. All day at work, I limited my coffee intake and tried so hard to balance it with a ton more water.  I went directly to the gym after work. Due to opening day, which apparently is some kind of a holiday here in the mitten it wasn’t too crowded. I was able to run on a decent treadmill in front of the food network and I even increased my distance by a half of a mile. Small victory. When I got home, my mom wanted me to go power walking with her. So I walked… another 2.5 miles. Today I’m a little slow getting around, but I just figure it’s one slow, stiff step to my goal of Tough Mudder in September.


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