A Positive Struggle

   I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. A really long time. Ok, almost a year. Recently, however, my new boss challenged me to research about written communication. One of the articles I read said to write. Write all the time, about anything, in different ways. So, here I am. My new goal, write all the time, about everything.

   Primarily, I use this blog as my motivation to continue to work on my personal goal of running, increasing my distance, and my fitness goals. I will continue to do so. In the last year, I have gradually been increasing my distance. At one point, I was running 4 miles at a time. Incredible! I used to struggle running up the stairs! 

   Now life got in the way, for just a hot second. I finished my Bachelors degree, was on the job market, got a job, etc. Now I’m back at it. Constantly chipping away at my endurance. This is something that I MUST stay constant on, because my loving boyfriend has encouraged me to do Tough Mudder with him and a group of friends this upcoming September… I’m fairly certain the struggle is eminent. I remain positive in the face of a challenge. Right now. I run. 


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