And Out Of Nowhere…

I wanted to JUMP for JOY when I made it back to my driveway!!

I wanted to JUMP for JOY when I made it back to my driveway!!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’ve been hard at work… really! So I’ve been going to the gym more than 3 times a week. But as I said in my last post, I want to start running outside. So, I’ve been TRYING to get out as much as possible. My friends and I go walk/running (that’s what we call it as it is an even mix of both) on Mondays on a 5 mile trail. So that’s consistent.  When I’m at the gym I focus on upping my time and distance running. I am now running for up to 20 minutes inside, and that averages to about 1.5 miles. That makes me feel great! Although my speed is slightly slower than I’d like, because of my knee the distance is an achievement.

Today though, today I had a breakthrough. I have spent all day doing work, school work, writing, business, and coffee drinking… a lot of coffee drinking. I realized I had a full To Do list ahead of me today and I wanted to go running. I knew I didn’t have the time I wanted to go to the gym but it’s gorgeous outside! So what if I can only run down to the next street? At least I can enjoy the weather. So I laced up my emerald green sneakers and went outside. I started running and focused really hard on keeping my pace slow but steady.

The last time my mother and I went walk/running (see explanation above) around our neighborhood I know that one lap is half of a mile. Previously, I could only run a third or less of that! Today I set out with a goal. I wanted to really push myself. My speed was slow, and I focused on my breathing and ran the WHOLE THING! That’s right, I ran a half mile… outside! Insert breathless jump for joy and Rocky theme music with Breakfast Club fist in the air! I don’t know where my determination came from… but I did it! Maybe I will be able to run a 5K next summer. I plan on keeping up the change and keeping my spry feet and tone legs on their toes by increasing my distance, time and eventually speed. But today, was HUGE for me! For this runner, I will have a celebratory Iced Tea with Hibiscus and enjoy the rest of my chores knowing that I can run. Something I NEVER thought i’d be able to do. Today was exhilarating and I can hardly wait to run again!


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