Nose To The Grind

Ok, so I have recruited my two best friends to run this 5k with me! So now it’s official. There is no backing out for any of us. This run is a worthy cause that is close to our hearts and we have a year to do it in. So there we have it. I have a run date with one of them on Monday because I need to run more outside, but I’ll get back to that later. I also have realized that in order to feel like I’ve succeeded and proven to myself how awesome I can be I need to work more on my upper body strength. So here’s the first real explanation of how I’ve started my training.

I have been blessed with a boyfriend who loves being active as much as I do. This weekend he took me Kayaking! I had such a blast and I didn’t even realize that I was working on my upper body strength… until the next day. This run I’ve committed us all to is also an obstacle course, so it goes without saying that I need to work on my upper body. I really hate upper body workouts. So now I’m looking into more ways of increasing my upper body strength. I’ve only used resistance training on the machines at the gym, with my cardio. Now, I’m looking at adding some free weights. Begin with the Pinterest! Also, if anyone has any good suggestions feel free to chime in!

The next hurdle I am working on is bringing my running outside. So, as I have said before I can comfortably run for 16 minutes on a treadmill inside. Running outside is a different story. I have been working on running outside and running with landmarks. I try listening to the rhythm of my feet hitting the concrete and try to control my breathing, but it never seems to work out the way I’m used to. Why is that? Why isn’t it the same and how can I fix this? My friend and I are running outside next week and I’m prepared to try even harder than I do by myself to increase my distance. Any helpful hints or words of wisdom?


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