Run Like A…. Girl.

In the last year I’ve been through a lot of life changing stuff. I’ve lost a relationship that I THOUGHT was going to last. I’ve found myself and what I value as important. And I’ve found another relationship that feels like the perfect pair of shoes, comfortable. Through this crazy year I’ve realized how much I really love to work out and test myself. Anyone can get fit, I worked hard at losing all that relationship weight that I had gained… all 35lbs of it!

One day I realized while trying to sweat it out on the elliptical trainer I was watching a girl on the treadmill. I was struggling to feel like I was working out, and I was bored. As I enviously watched her pump away at the marathon she was running I was so jealous. It looked great! I had never been a runner and with a knee problem and a pear shape I had convinced myself I never would. I decided right then and there that I was going to prove to myself that I could run. So I began the next day in 2 minute intervals, feeling triumphant with every minute that I was able to increase.

I was able to run for up to 18 minutes and then finals took over. I began forfeiting my gym time for study time and my run time decreased all the way back down to 5 minutes. BUZZKILL! I was so disappointed with myself because I had worked so hard to get to where I was. So, I wasted no time, building it all back up again. Today, I ran over a mile for the second day in a row and I’m feeling great! I think in the essence of proving a point to myself the universe is working toward my goal as well. I come home, hop on my favorite social media site and see that a friend has shared information about “Dirty Girl Run” and after a few moments of researching it my interest piqued,

The distance is a typical 5K but the fun is in the obstacles! I know what you’re thinking, it’s like warrior dash, tough mudder, all of the above obstacle courses and maybe it is. The reason I fell into commitment with this particular run is because it is a woman only event, and all proceeds benefit the fight against breast cancer. Being as my best friend lost her mother to breast cancer we are advocates in the fight against such tragedy. I already have 2 of my best friends willing to train and work hard with me in preparation for next year’s event and I couldn’t be more excited!

So now it’s on. There’s no fooling around. My training starts with my distance standing at 1.20 miles and my speed at 4.5. Running is now my second job and I couldn’t be more excited to commit to something that is so close to home and worth while. I hope my Under Armor shoes are ready for the very busy year they are going to have! I can only hope to increase!! Any advice in training for a 5k is welcome! I am far from experienced.


3 thoughts on “Run Like A…. Girl.

  1. Great post! Excited to follow your progress. Myself and the rest of the Conquerfit “team” ran a ColorVibe 5K in May and are running a Warrior Dash and Spartan Sprint this summer.
    The best advice I can give is to make sure to get some outdoor runs in. You’ll notice treadmill and outdoor running are different beasts altogether. Also, find an app or watch (Nike+, Garmin, RunKeeper, etc.) to track your progress. Seeing your progress laid out on a screen is a huge motivator to keep pushing!

    • Thanks for the input! I’ve just recently started running outside and realized how very differently my body reacts! My next step is to get a pedometer so I can track distance, and now an app. Who knew technology was so helpful in running? 🙂

      • It’s true technology can make a huge difference. We’re continuously improving our own mobile app so we live in the fitness technology world 24/7 : )

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