How to Curb the Crazy

Why are women so crazy? As a woman, I wonder that every time I say something I don’t mean, take something offensively when that’s not the intention or break down into tears because my pen died when I’m writing a paper. I mean, what in the world is happening that makes me cry over a pen! Even more important, how can I stop it?

From the age of a young child, girls are told that they have something called “Hormones” and that they become “Hormonal” when they are reacting in a way that is bigger than expected. If I could count the times that I was told I was being hormonal I would be half way to $1 million. By comparison to the other women in my life I am a very watered down version of tragic when the little hormone monsters sneak up and light a fire under me. Even so, I feel the need to “Curb The Crazy” when I feel like a raging lunatic. Here are a few tricks I’ve found work for me.

Go horseback riding. This is my favorite form of hormone therapy. I have had a horse for more than half my life, the same one actually. He understands. I know people say that, but I really mean it. In fact, in the past on my tragic post-serious-breakup stage he’s been known to stop eating walk over to me and nuzzle my face. My horse is kind of sensitive. Riding is the number one way to calm me down and balance me again.

The second best way to relax is work it out! I love a good workout when I feel like I’m walking the fine line at the edge of crazy. I don’t know how many times a good sweat has kept me balanced. I feel like I can sweat out any of my frustrations. If that’s not the case, than it makes me too tired to fight when I come back from the gym! It’s a win-win!

Finally, COFFEE. I’m a coffee snob. There is nothing I love more when I’m tired, crabby, upset, or as a personal reward than a good cup of coffee. Iced, latte, straight, hot, you name it, I like it. Coffee is something that always lets me have a minute to myself. I find that among the sounds of angels singing as I drink it, the caffeine also helps with cramps, headaches, and fatigue. So why wouldn’t you drink it?!

It seems that I’m discovering new ways to “Curb The Crazy” all the time, but those are the fail-proof methods I’ve discovered. All of them have minimal guilty side effects with maximum feel better benefits!


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