Standing on My Own Two Feet

In the past year I have been faced with many hurdles, most of which I was reluctant to rationalize as necessary. Although each posed their own personal challenges they each also offered rewards. As a result I have changed my view on so many things I once thought were concrete. Through these obstacles I have learned who I am and what I value in life. Although, none of the above were ever lost, nor did they materialize from an epiphany, however; they were always present, just hidden by the shadows of my alleged ideal future.

One of my main priorities is my education. I am finishing my BA and moving to my Masters degree. Although I always had a goal to finish my degree but the question of what I would pursue was always there. I now have a clear focus in finishing my Bachelors degree and carrying on my studies into the field of literature.

Family is a clear goal. Previously, children and marriage were only something I thought I would inevitably encounter, not a goal that I would actively pursue. I am now with someone who supports my goals, ideals and we have a future together. Through this remarkable change of events, I have found myself and my goals and made them of utmost importance.

Finally, I have decided to become more Eco-conscious and a more active member of society. I have found an incredible local organization, Recycle Livingston, to work with that is constantly helping our children and our community preserve the world around us for generations to come.  If we want our children to have what we have than we must start here, in our own lives to preserve what is left. I will be furthering my experience and my activities with them as time moves forward. I hope to devote a lot of my time and energy to a cause that is worth while.

I have found my two feet and I know I can stand on them. I have a concrete set of goals and morals and they are unshakeable and my future is bright and full of opportunity. There are so many interesting, challenging and rewarding opportunities that await me. I can’t wait to see what comes of them.


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