Using Technology to Overcome My Fear of Technology

This is purely experimental. I am by no means a “blogger” or one who is fluent in the ways of social media and the internet. Until this semester I have only used Facebook, Youtube, and the emich website for school related topics.  The thought of hosting this blog can be most closely described as putting someone on a dessert island with no supplies and just before your ship pulls away, yelling “Good luck!” I am afraid of doing it wrong. I am mostly afraid of looking like this:  Fail

In a day to day setting I feel that a tutorial would be most helpful in all things social media related. I don’t know what a hash tag means in relation to Twitter.  I do, however; know what it means in relation to a number. I personally find it a little disturbing that businesses rely so heavily on social media to spread awareness of their brand that a class requires a Twitter account. Like many other times I have decided to embrace the unfamiliar and roll with what could be. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll end up like this:


To ask my readers to wish me luck on my adventures is to assume I actually have roped in readers by this blog post alone. That would be pompous. So, to all you figurative and imaginary readers out there in internet world, wish me luck!!



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