Already Only a Year

You read that correctly. It’s the only appropriate phrase I can think of when I think of our first wedding anniversary, this Saturday. It’s amazing to think that one year ago we exchanged the vows that made us man and wife. So much has happened since then. We have taken a really great honeymoon and a couple short vacations. We moved out of our little apartment, our first little home together and into our first real home together. We’ve barely had a chance to make it our own and now we’re facing another very large step. But more on that later. Here we are, standing on the edge of a year. That makes it sound so short, doesn’t it? A year. 365 days. But it’s been so much more than that.

This September, Steve and I have known each other for 11 years. We’ve been friends. We’ve been coworkers. We’ve been long distance acquaintances. And then we were boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancĂ©e’s and now husband and wife. There’s so much life that has happened in that time. I’ve known my husband for so long and I’ve known him in so many ways. It’s really amazing to see this single human in my life as such a staple even before I knew it. I never would have guessed that his grown up self would be the glue that holds me together daily. He is simply the most tender, caring, strong and supportive person I can say I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I am so thankful to him for being my person.

This time last year I was completing finishing touches on a day we had planned for 2 years. I was picking up pumpkins, dresses and mums. I was scheduling rehearsals, food pick up, and car pools for certain people. I was at my planning capacity. I wasn’t running around frazzled and upset but I had maxed out my “can deal with this calmly capacity”. As I sit here and reflect on those final moments as the single version of myself looking excitedly at spending my life with this really amazing man I wasn’t wrong. I was such a different person but I don’t feel like I was different. But I was. I had a few different world views. I was facing different challenges. But one thing was certain, I loved Steve and I knew it and I love him even more now. I didn’t know that was possible. I remember the morning of our wedding like it was yesterday. I remember waking up alone in our apartment, excited to start my day. It was still dark and raining really hard. It started with my hair appointment. Then I went and surprised my mom with a couple of pumpkin coffees while she got her hair done. That simple gesture meant so much to her and to hear her talk about it even now, makes my heart happy. I’m so glad now that I did that. I remember getting stuck in traffic on the way to the hotel to check in. My sister called me freaking out but why bother? I was the bride, they can’t have a wedding without me! So I sat and listened to music in the car. We got to the venue a little late but nothing to worry about as we began our day. The day ran as smooth as butter. No bumps, bruises or emergencies. I remember seeing my dad for the first time. Even now the thought makes me cry. Those pictures are priceless. Then I did reveal photos with Steve and those photos are priceless and romantic and so unapologetically us. I look back on so many of those loving the memory of just us. A young couple seeing their person for the first time. That was a really good piece of advice. Do a reveal. If you’re thinking about it at all… do it. You won’t regret it. Our vows were a blur to me but thankfully our photographer captured them on video. Then the rest of the night flew by. Speeches, dinner, dancing and the rushed tear down and pack up at the end of the night… That was definitely a night to remember. Me, the most dressed up I’d ever be, beautiful young bride in complete love with this man of mine while groomsmen sang “meet the Guerras” outside of our little rural hotel room. The memories are priceless. That day was perfect. Every day since with my husband has been perfect.

Now a year later and here we are. We have grown and changed and taken on new challenges together. We have had our rough days but we have weathered the storm together and come out stronger. We have faced a small dose of what life has to offer and the view with my best friend beside me is a pretty good one. I’m a really lucky lady to call this goofball my husband and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us.